Greetings! I am Phylecia!

I am a Budgetologist… money nerd, light weight adventurer, speaker, podcast host, closet health junky, world traveler… and a baton twirler! My first entrepreneurial experience happened when I put on a successful baton twirling camp in college and I found that spirit again in 2014 when my soul told me it was time to do something new. I quit my 9-to-5 and jumped feet first in to designing my location independent lifestyle. I love inspiring solopreneurs to be successful with managing their money, living the life of their dreams, and having fun at the same time!

“She is thorough with her information, but also connects with the audience quickly and able to hold their attention by making them laugh and really think!” Carey Conley, Infinite Nation

“After taking your Budgetology, I now look at my cost differently and realize the necessity to include my salary as part of my budget.  I am not doing this business to just cover my cost.  I am in it to provide for my family and change my home life.” Melissa Cyrus, Modern Twists

“I cannot stress more to new business owners the importance of knowing the numbers to grow your business. Phylecia is passionate about teaching exactly this.” Donna Galassi, Blue Zenith Web Design

“I had a “Come to Jesus” moment while listening to her presentation. Afterward, I personally thanked her for helping me realize what financial jeopardy I had put myself in and for providing me a simple solution to my problem.” Terry Fox, Artesian Spring Oriental Medicine

“I heard Phylecia speak at an event about Business Budgeting and immediately was attracted to her process.” Mariko Wilcox, Financial Adviser

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