I am Phylecia, a Budgetologist and Money Nerd! I inspire solopreneurs to successfully manage their money while growing their business and keeping things fun!

I would love to help you. Where can we get started?

She didn't sugar coat anything...

We were living check to check, beyond our means and I had little clue as to how bad our financial situation was…  What we loved about Phylecia was how “real” she was with us.  She didn’t sugar coat anything.  It’s scary when you earn six figures, but have nothing to show for it but mounds of debt! She has taught us to give our money a purpose… a goal just as we would anything else in our life.

Nicole R, Realtor

I HATE talking about money...

Phylecia is simply brilliant! I HATE talking about money, finance and budget. But she sat with me and helped me take a good look at where our money is going and empowered me to take more control. Her system and straight shooting is innovative and effective. She is well worth your time to make more money and keep control of the money you have.

Kim C, Teen Empowerment Coach

I personally thanked her for helping me...

Yesterday, I had a “Come to Jesus” moment while listening to her presentation. Afterward, I personally thanked her for helping me realize what financial jeopardy I had put myself in and for providing me a simple solution to my problem. If you know that your financial life is in sore shape and you’re looking for someone to help you create a better situation, Mrs. Jones is the expert you need!

Terry F, Acupuncturist

I’ve been in business six years – and took the leap from being the solopreneur to employing help...

I cannot stress more to new business owners the importance of knowing the numbers to grow your business. Phylecia is passionate about teaching exactly this – that by knowing the numbers that make up our business, empowers us to make the right decisions to be sustainable and profitable. I’ve been in business six years – and took the leap from being the solopreneur to employing help to manage the daily operations of my business.

Donna G, Branding & Web Design Constultant

I hear her voice in my head EVERY TIME...

I am a recent graduate of the Budget School Beta Program and thank my lucky stars that I was one of the first to be able to take this program from Phylecia Jones. She is brilliant and enthusiastic about keeping you sane with your budget and finances. I hear her voice in my head EVERY TIME I am ready to make a business purchase. “Where is your budget, is this within it?” If not, stop, reassess and then decide.

Alisa Conner, Brand Designer

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