40 Things I Have Learned After 40 Years on Earth

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40 Things I Have Learned After 40 years on Earth

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Today I celebrate my 40th year on this planet. I know a lot of people get depressed to get older… and some feel that they have reached a milestone. I am not sure where I am, but I do know that it is the perfect time for me to sit and kind of think about the next steps I want to take in life.

Now here is the crazy thing about birthdays… It seems like after the 16th one… they just keep coming. They also seem to come faster and faster! But after 40 years, I realized that I have learned a lot, lived through a lot, and experienced a lot. From love, to life, to understanding confidence, being a team player, running a business… It is an experience I would never trade for anything in the world. So, with that, I wanted to share 40 things I have learned after 40 years on Earth:

  1. You really do have one time to make a first impression, because that is how you will always be remembered.
  2. Money means nothing if you don't have any friends, your family doesn't like you, or your health is falling apart.
  3. You will fall in love many times…
  4. Wear your mini skirts. Your bikinis. Your cut off tops. And love them because 20 years from know you will wish you had.
  5. Starting a business is one of the hardest journeys you will ever undertake and it will test every ounce and core of your being. Just learn how to cry effectively and efficiently!
  6. Sometimes you will always feel like you are failing or not doing things right. This is the perfect time to shut down social media, email, livestreams, and podcasts… and turn on some old school R&B.
  7. Not everyone has a best friend and that's okay.
  8. Even though some closest to you won't say it out loud… your decision to not have children will have a profound effect on how they judge your life.
  9. Marriage will change your perspective on everything. Especially when you realize you need to show up and participate.
  10. The person that will inspire you the most will not be what you expected… at all.
  11. One day you will be backed into a corner and you are going to have to learn how to fight for yourself and stand up for yourself.
  12. No matter what you are doing or how old you get, at times you will always feel like that little girl in 3rd grade that just wanted to make friends and play.
  13. Know that on some days, you will be confused about some situations because your life experience is clouded by the fact that you have breasts, brown skin, and you pee sitting down… or squatting.
  14. A lot of people will pass through your life and you will say you know a lot of people, but a day will come when you realize that you don't call any of them ‘friend' and you will change that.
  15. Finding out a friend died, got sick, or suffered the biggest tragedy of their life on Facebook will fuck you up for a VERY long time.
  16. All of those things you wanted to learn in high school… piano, dance, speaking a new language… you can actually still do those things. Learning does not stop when you graduate.
  17. You will never forgive your first love for cheating on you… be okay with that.
  18. Truly understand that the best revenge is success… frame that, because you will need to be reminded of that quite a bit.
  19. Make friends with someone that is completely opposite than you. Like completely opposite. Opposite sex, opposite height, looks, mindset… you will cherish this person because they will make you think beyond your world.
  20. The hardest task you will ever take on is to be honest with yourself and what you want out of life outside of the superficial.
  21. You will love traveling and seeing the world… but you will always love coming home.
  22. At times you will feel lost because you are not around people that look like you and remind you of where you came from.
  23. You will have to remind yourself daily of the blessed life you live… and you will have to honor that.
  24. You will probably shed more tears starting and running a business.
  25. The biggest challenge you will undertake is not trying to be consistent, but actively being consistent with something in your life. It will take longer than you think.
  26. If you want to have sex… don't be afraid to ask for it…. and have lots of it.
  27. Speaking of sex… learn how to be good in bed. Trust me on that one!
  28. If you want meaning in your life… embody this quote…. “Twenty years from now, you will regret the things you did not do.” ~Mark Twain
  29. If you are looking for the right answers or the perfect strategy to anything… stick this quote on your wall… “You won't learn shit until you start doing shit.” ~Mark Asquith
  30. If you have something bigger than you but you are not sure how to do it… ask yourself this every morning…. “Who needs to know my name today?” ~Tiffany Lanier
  31. Embrace the fact that you will die. Life is precious and fragile and if you are not doing what you want to be doing… you need to figure it out because time is not promised.
  32. Understand that debt is modern slavery. You will never know freedom while you are living off of other peoples money.
  33. One day you will have to be okay with typing….
    MeToo… for your 8 year old self
    MeToo… for your 12 year old self
    MeToo… for your high school self
    MeToo… for your college self
    MeToo… for your first real job
  34. …. and crying afterwards.
  35. Your life will never be what you dreamed about in high school. What you planned on in college. Or what you knew for certain when you graduated. It will be the life that was designed for you by a bigger power…. and it will be for you to discover the purpose.
  36. There will be many times you feel alone even when you are surrounded by people that care about you.
  37. Get rid of the evil people in your life. They will serve no purpose ever.
  38. Don't force things to work that won't work. Don't force people to love you that won't. Don't force situations that you know will not benefit you in the end.
  39. Your health is the greatest gift you will have.
  40. TRUST YOUR GUT. It is so much more smarter than you!


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