Kayaking in Mobile Bay and a Lost GoPro

Saturday, January 7th, 2023

Aspen Goes Kayaking

Aspen Goes Kayaking

Mobile Bay
Spanish Fort, AL

Another beautiful day in the Bay! For it to be winter, the weather was perfect, so we decided to take the Kayak out. We were a bit concerned that it would be cold out on the water, but it turned out to be amazing. The water was calm, with no wakes and no allegators in site... until my camera fell into the water.

Yeah... I switched the camera to face away from me while paddling, and obviously, I did not connect the clip properly (if you own a GoPro you will know what I am talking about). Well, the next thing I know, I was adjusting the camera, attaching it back to the kayak, and splash into the water it went. I want to try and put my hands in the water, but me and sea creatures don't do well. Yes, I like being on the water and completely staying out of the way of the others there, including the alligators.

Big lesson learned. Don't screw with the camera while in a kayak.

Now, I am researching buying a new GoPro. Mine was pretty old (4th generation). They are on the Hero 11 now, and low and behold, they have a subscription for a no questions asked camera replacement. 

Considering what they are used for, this makes sense, and I think I will jump on that as well.

So, while I am contemplating a new camera with a floating frame, I did get a few shots with my cell phone, and I made sure it did not fall into the water.

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