Finally Coming Out of the Pandemic Fog

Sunday, January 8th, 2023

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For the first time since March 2020, I am motivated to go back to a more steady morning and workday routine. Before the pandemic, I was really good about working out in the morning, getting most of my hard to do list items out of the way first thing... I even lived streamed daily. So with all of my heart and mental brain cells, I have to say...

The pandemic kicked my a$$. Nope, that is lightweight. The pandemic sucked my soul away. Yeah, it sounds dramatic, but with my clearly thinking hindsight, the pandemic was great for some areas of my business, like digging in and being clear on to make money, but it pretty much decimated my capacity to "do a lot" throughout the day. The mental toll of the last few years was a lot and I was just exhausted.

But now, it feels like I am at the place where I want to restructure how I go about my day. Don't get me wrong, I was dedicated to radical self-care. I made sure my business had systems in place so I could rest. I got tons of rest, sleep, started cooking at home more, and not getting involved in other people's nonsense. 

No, this does not mean I am going to start getting up at 5 am to be "more productive." That is not going to happen. I will, however, start my day by exercising again. I was pretty dedicated a few years ago. And trust me... my body has shown all of the signs of not having a more dedicated routine. I stopped being hard on myself when it came to gaining weight and losing strength. I just figured my body was protecting itself from years of absolute insanity.

So what's the plan??? Still figuring that out right now. Last week, I have been waking up every morning and getting about 2-3 miles of walking. I am thinking I want to do a 30-day jump rope challenge. 10 minutes before my walk and 10 minutes after.

Whenever I have had a solid workday schedule, business has always done better, and I just get that extra bit of energy I need. So, wish me luck.

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