No House, No Debt, No Boundaries

Sunday, April 30th, 2023

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It's official!

The house has been sold, there is no debt, and we have no boundaries on where we can go. Wow!

As a business owner, I am surrounded by people talking about money, freedom, time, travel, and anything else to make their lives sound great... or to sell a coaching program (while they are hustling 12hrs a day). But there is something quite fascinating when you achieve what a lot of people dream about, talk about, and say they want.

It is still sinking in that that at this exact moment, I have nowhere to go, and I can go anywhere at the same time. 

When we started this adventure, the house had not been sold, so there was this cushion of "if things go sideways," we can always go home. Well, home is where I am with my little family, and we are just houseless. And TBH, this feels exactly right. 

I am LOVING this life so far. Yes, my days are still mainly working, but I am also in charge of finding hikes when we visit a park, and I get to play with my camera.

Right now, I am floating between peace and happy. Definitely leaning a lot on blessed.

While I am feeling all of the feels, I am pretty exhausted. The weight of going through the closing and organizing while not there is gone, and we moved from Texas to New Mexico along with a time change. My butt is getting kicked with tiredness. We have also been waking up early to scout for our next location and get some hikes in at Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

The husband has requested a lazy weekend day, and I agree with him. 

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