RV Life Means be Ready for the Unexpected 

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023

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Having owned two homes now, I understand that the unexpected will happen to the things you own. Water leaks, broken AC, a refrigerator that decides not to work... yeah, I have been there, and it is either a quick call, YouTube DIY, or you can ignore it for a bit.

Well, with a moving house and car, things get really INTERESTING fast. 

The unexpected has hit us a few times since we got on the road in November 2022. 

After our 2nd night commencing this journey while packing up to leave the next day, the entire RV dropped onto the back of the truck. Yeah, scary AF. Luckily no one got hurt, and we were in an empty parking lot, but we learned a lesson really fast. It was so cold outside, and the husband was freezing and rushed through the hitching process. When we pulled away, the RV discounted and landed on the truck bed.

He was really upset with himself, so I had to remind him that no one was hurt and we were not on a highway... and this is the reason we have insurance. It was a $1000 lesson learned.

Of course, this is a disruption for anyone, but now imagine being in a city during the holidays, having to find someone to work on your car within a very small time frame because you a reservation hours away. This is stressful. Luckily, we were in my hometown of Birmingham, and my parents had multiple cars. So we borrowed one of there's until the truck was fixed. 

BTW, Cadillac SUVs have smooth rides. I guess I have gotten used to my boobs and insides being shaken to near death in the truck. LOL

The following incident was a flat tire after picking up a pizza. I learned how to change the tire of a one-ton truck, in the middle of the night, with a frustrated husband... in a maxi dress. YouTube saved us that night because we had no idea how to disconnect the spare tire. I am an expert now.

Our most recent incident includes a massive oil leak caused by a service place that stripped the gaskets and broke things. This was a $700 lesson learned not to take your truck to just any ole place.

As I said, typically, these aren't massive issues, but when you are in a completely new place and have to call around to places and beg them to fix your truck within a one-week time frame when they are already busy, can make your heart beat faster than you want it to.

Oh... and yeah, the water heater did not work the same morning.  Sometimes I have to laugh comes to the problems always seem to come in a package.

Luckily, everything was fixed. The water heater tripped a GFI, so it just needed its button pushed. Still, over the years, with having to change water heaters, shattered glass shower doors, jumping a curb and running over a stop sign, fix electrical wiring, repairing water pumps in the middle of the night when it's cold, and having the pipes freeze... I have learned to have patience (TONS OF PATIENCE), expect the unexpected (usually two at a time), and have a solid emergency account.

As the one who manages the money... let's just say that pina colada was earned.

I guess I knew things could break, but I never REALIZED things would break. Oddly enough, I have been the calm one in these situations. Don't tell my husband, but I usually find a way to a solution. He does not read this, and he can start his own blog with a completely different story. But I said what I said.

Nevertheless, the unexpected has happened and will continue to happen. There are some positives in this madness. Making phone calls can get things done quickly. I have learned a lot of new skills. We have routines in place to check EVERYTHING now, and the list is still growing. And if we are going to be on a boat, this is the stuff we need to prepare for now.

I doubt there are repair shops in the ocean.

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