Redefining the Definition of Success

Friday, February 3rd, 2023

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Recently I got hit with a case of FOMO (fear of missing out). I was scrolling through my social feeds and I am seeing everyone come back to business life. New products, programs, people listing out the conferences they are attending, shouting out their successes... and it started hitting me.

I am going to have to redefine the optics of success.

Now, I definitely know that just because people post all of the positives about their life and business on social media doesn't mean everything is all roses. But, the FOMO was getting to me. Even after talking to a friend about his jam packed schedule of speaking, emceeing, and teaching workshops, it just made me wonder.

In the before times, pre-pandemic world, I knew what the outside visual of success looked like. Staying busy on social. A schedule filled with gigs. Living streaming daily. Making videos. Going to networking meetings. Making the next business plan. Ticking off goals. Dreaming big. All of the things that go with running a business and proving you are the ish.

These days, I am not so sure what success should look... or feel like for that matter.

One thing I do know is that I feel REALLY, REALLY good. Part of me thinks I have been recovering from burnout over the last few years. We only really talk about burnout as if it is something that lasts a few days and we can take a week of doing nothing and magically we are all good to go.

Maybe I am the only one but it has been somewhat mentally relaxing not having to live up to expectations the last few years. It is nice to be able to sit and readjust life priorities. I think this journey of figuring out success is going to take a while.

Part of me feels like having a profitable business that is a moderate success, a decent nest egg, a loving husband, and the ability to travel to different places every few weeks is the success all of the hardworking business owners are striving for.

Then again... maybe it is time to find a new community where I don't have to question if I am looking like a success or not. Things to ponder.

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