Yosemite National Park was my first time getting to experience the majesty of land in its purest form. I hated I had to wait until my adult life to witness this, but I have been a lover ever since. Sometimes I cannot find the words to explain the feeling when I get to visit a park, but the closest is that it settles me. It makes me realize the world is a much bigger place and that I am a small part in this expansive universe. Seeing mountains, waterfalls, and trees that have been around before man just puts me at so much peace because it feels like the planet is saying... "it may not seem like it, but I got this."

When it comes to my top three favorite national parks, I can easily say Grand Teton, because I got married there, Yosemite, and Banff, even though it is not a US national park. And yes, this list is so fluid because I have yet to visit all of the parks. This collection includes photos from my travels to national parks, monuments, and state parks throughout the US and Canada. I hope it inspires you to visit... and keep visiting.

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