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The most engaging and down-to-earth speaker that delivers high impact to your audience.

Phylecia helps organizations have a reality check on what it truly takes to support girls and women in STEM. As a former Computer Scientist & Engineer for the US Navy, an entrepreneur, and motivational speaker, she has had the honor of presenting to over 100+ audiences in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Whether consulting business owners, training companies, or speaking at conferences, Phylecia challenges everyone to have a mindset shift when it comes to the business of numbers, Math, and the power of women in innovation.

With a style that instantly engages, Phylecia knows how to get to the heart and minds of executives, teams, business owners, and audience members who are ready for transformation. As a result, she has been honored by TEDx, NBC 9, FinCon, Women in Travel Summit, and a host of other organizations that trust her ability to educate, inspire and transform.

In addition to being a speaker, Phylecia serves as a speaker coordinator for two powerful business organizations and understands the due diligence needed to find a professional who is prepared, delivers, and energizes the audience. Her skills and talent will not leave you questioning as she shares her experience in STEM, entrepreneurship and personal development.

Women in STEM TEDx Talks

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Event Emcee & Moderator

“As an event emcee, Phylecia is attentive to the details required to make an event flow well, and feel engaging for the audience. She made judgment calls in the moment that made our event great, and she built excellent rapport with our speakers and panelists.”

Krystal CovingtonFounder

Women of Denver

Keynote Speaker

“Phylecia is an engaging, informed and entertaining speaker. She educated and challenged our audience of freelance web developers and knocked it out of the park. If you’re considering Phylecia for a speaking gig, you can’t go wrong.”

Nathan Ingram

Training Coordinator,  iThemes

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Virtual Presenter

"I invited Phylecia to be a workshop speaker at the 2020 Fuel Your Influence Conference. She spoke about profiting from live streaming. She delivered an engaging, high-quality and professional session that wowed attendees. She was knowledgeable about the subject, well-prepared to teach the session, and more than willing to answer questions and engage with attendees. Phylecia is a true professional. A class act. I would recommend her without hesitation to speak at your conference or event."

Jenny Levine Finke

Founder, Denver Bloggers Club

National TV Financial Contributor

Daily Blast Live, Dollars & Sense Segments

“Her straight-forward no-nonsense style helps me keep in touch with my finances and create processes that are long-lasting. Phylecia is THE money “It Woman”!”

Mia Voss

Brand Ambassador & Content Creator


Talks that Inspire:

Leadership and Professional Development

Why Your Seat Belongs at the Table

Creating the Courage to Lead

Your Intentions Create Your Experiences

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)

The Economics of a Career in STEM

Sponsorship. How Only a Few Succeed

Why Men Must Care About Girls and Women in STEM

Entrepreneurship and Small Business

Speak to Market: Getting on Stage to Grow Your Business, Authority, and Trust

Money, Marketing, and Moving a Profitable Business Forward

The Cost of Building and Growing a Business

“She spoke at our event in the UK recently and was, from the feedback received, by far the standout presenter and the person that people took the most from. On top of that she is great to be around and hugely professional till the last. Her ability to control the room and react to the ever dynamic situations and timings of an event like ours was superb. I am genuinely pleased we secured her for our event and I hope we are able to do so again soon.”

Paul Chapman Founder, Marketing JumpLeads United Kingdom

“There were issues beyond both our control that Phylecia handled with the utmost professionalism and assistance to me. This turned a real problem into an instant non-issue that I will be forever grateful. Her presentation was engaging and had real calls to action that every one in the room could use immediately.”

Kelly Morgan Merly, Managing Director eWomen Network Scottsdale/Phoenix

“This woman is a rock star in her field. She offers more advice and insight that is actually useful than anyone else I know. You need to keep up with her. Her expertise is vital to your company.”

Yvonne Davita, Co-Founder (Retired) Blog Paws

“Yesterday, I had a “Come to Jesus” moment while listening to her presentation. Afterward, I personally thanked her for helping me.”

Terry Fox, Owner at Artesian Spring Oriental Medicine

“She is thorough with her information, but also connects with the audience quickly and able to hold their attention by making them laugh and really think! Not an easy task for a speaker especially when talking about money.”

Carey Conley, Co-Founder Infinite Nation

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