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TEDx. 9 Minutes. Change the World… Got It!

I am used to engaging the audience, taking them on a journey with storytelling and empowering them to make major changes in their life. I have excelled in doing all of this over the last few years… within 20-45 minutes. Now, I am told that to do this, x10, and make...

398 | 4 Year Anniversary… Wow!

Today is the official anniversary of Keep Up with Mrs. Jones and it has been a journey for the ages. I will tell you how I got here and 5 things I have learned along the way.

1. Patience to trust yourself
2. Don’t lose yourself… prioritize what’s important
3. Be you and the money will come
4. The journey is lonely and gets lonelier each day
5. Appreciate where you are going

387 | Landing the 1% of Speaking

Did you know there are over 5000+ events happening each day that book speakers? Imagine what would happen to your budget if 1% of those landed on your calendar in 2019. Let’s talk about why this is the perfect time to search for speaking gigs!

379 | The Vacation Account and Why You Need One

Do you have money to take a vacation? Today, we are going to dive into personal finances and talk about a guaranteed way you can always have money to a break from the everyday hustle. If you want more travel in your schedule… you will have to start planning NOW! Oh… I have to tell you about last night!