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TEDx. 9 Minutes. Change the World… Got It!

TEDx. 9 Minutes. Change the World… Got It!

Being selected as a TEDx speaker is an honor in itself and having the ability to take an idea, put it into words and possibly change someone’s future sounds great on an application. When that invitation comes, though, and it says “your time is now,”

5 Reasons Why Booking Phylecia is a Good Idea

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398 | 4 Year Anniversary… Wow!

Today is the official anniversary of Keep Up with Mrs. Jones and it has been a journey for the ages. I will tell you how I got here and 5 things I have learned along the way.

1. Patience to trust yourself
2. Don't lose yourself… prioritize what's important
3. Be you and the money will come
4. The journey is lonely and gets lonelier each day
5. Appreciate where you are going

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