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Coaching & Consulting

From managing a budget to feeding by getting on stage, my areas of expertise end with people being a success.

Landing Speaking Gigs

Helping coaches, consultants and business owners tap into speaking as an effective marketing tool.

Combined with my research skills, serving as a speaker coordinator, sitting on speaker selection committees and getting on hundreds of stages, I have learned some of the most effective, and creative, techniques to find speaking engagements, get booked and build authority.

She provided me with actionable steps that I have already started implementing as well as a list of specific organizations to contact.
Summer Alexander

Simply Marketing Solutions

Business Budgeting

Guiding solo business owners on the thin line of managing business and personal finances.

Getting out of debt, retiring early, being financially independent and running a business gives me the ability to be “real” when it comes to talking about money. With a no judgement, no shame approach, the goal is to help business owners become the CFO of their money.

I felt relieved, organized and ready to tackle my numbers this year in my business. She is really watching to make sure there is a salary in my account every month, and leading to ultimate goals.
Jacki Cox

Performance Coach

Ready to Get Started

Schedule Your Jump Start Session and Get the Help You Need!

No time is wasted when you are calling the shots on your success! If you are ready to upgrade your budget, tackle your money or land speakings… book your session now and leave with:

  • Determine exactly where to focus
  • Get the steps on where to start
  • Leave with a solid strategy
  • 45-Minutes, 1:1, Video Session
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Other Consulting Areas

Speaker Selection for Events

Keynote and Breakout Sessions

Speaking Gig Research

Individuals and Agencies

Business Brainstorming

Ideas Outside the Box

Living Streaming Setup

Equipment and Scheduling

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