Go LIVE Now!

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Tools You Need to Go Live

  • Good quality USB camera or cell phone
  • Microphone for quality sound

Where to Live Stream

  • Choose a platform that you enjoy and will want to commit to for a long period of time
  • Facebook – is great for family and friend connections
  • Instagram – is for great visuals
  • Tik Tok – for creative entertainment
  • LinkedIn – to showcase professional skills

Important Decisions to Make

  • Themed days
  • Exactly what you want to talk about
  • Your CTA (Call to Action)

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Hi! I am a traveler, happy hour lover, #STEM advocate, and former US Navy computer scientist that stumbled upon building a career as an international keynote speaker, two-time TEDx speaker, national television money nerd and Founder of iFind You Close, finding speaking gigs across the globe.



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