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398 | 4 Year Anniversary… Wow!

Today is the official anniversary of Keep Up with Mrs. Jones and it has been a journey for the ages. I will tell you how I got here and 5 things I have learned along the way.

1. Patience to trust yourself
2. Don't lose yourself… prioritize what's important
3. Be you and the money will come
4. The journey is lonely and gets lonelier each day
5. Appreciate where you are going

395 | (Live from FinCon18) Talking Mindset and Success with Jessica Garbarino of Every Single Dollar

On the live stream: How to Deal with Nerves and Intimidation
Have you ever been intimidating being in a room with your peers? Today, let's talk about how to get your mindset rightside up when you start to question your expertise in a room full of experts! Live from FinCon!

On the Podcast: Special Interview with Jessica Garbarino of Every Single Dollar
For the special edition of episode 395, I did a crash interview with Jessica Garbarino of Every Single Dollar. To say this was probably my most fun interview is an understatement! We continued the conversation from my the morning live stream talking about being intimidated in a room of big players and Jessica gave her strategy for becoming known at conference before attending… you will want to listen!

388 | How are Your 4th Quarter Plans Shaping Up?

It is the middle of the month and how are plans to end the year going? Do you have a revenue goal? Do you know what you are selling? Do you even want to stay in business? Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Let's chat!

386 | Investing in Sales (Video Only)

Did you know… I don't know a thing about sales and what if you are exactly like me? Let's have a serious talk about the next 90 days and your business making money. After spending 12hrs in a sales class, I realize I am baby in the sales game. In 2019, I am making sure I am investing bi-annually in sales training.

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