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Answering your questions about business, budgeting and solo entrepreneurship… and giving unsolicited financial advice.

387 | Landing the 1% of Speaking

Did you know there are over 5000+ events happening each day that book speakers? Imagine what would happen to your budget if 1% of those landed on your calendar in 2019. Let's talk about why this is the perfect time to search for speaking gigs!

379 | The Vacation Account and Why You Need One

Do you have money to take a vacation? Today, we are going to dive into personal finances and talk about a guaranteed way you can always have money to a break from the everyday hustle. If you want more travel in your schedule... you will have to start planning NOW! Oh... I have to tell you about last night!

373 | It’s CFO Day and Here is What to Do

Happy working your butt off day! Even though it's a holiday, I want to give a few tips on how to navigate a perfect CFO day! BTW... this month is all about getting ready for the next 90 days and if you want to feed your budget through getting on stage, I got you covered! Tomorrow, I am launching the pre-sale of my flagship program, How to Land Your Next 5 Speaking Gigs...

Phylecia Jones

I am a computer scientist, money nerd and stem advocate turned into a founder, international traveler and happy hour lover.

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What They Say About the Podcast

SonyaLilwreatha, 09/04/2018

Practical, actionable and enjoyable

Once I found Phylecia’s podcast, I was hooked. Her advice on money management for solopreneurs has given me a few important action items that I will put into place. Her honesty is refreshing and gives listeners a way to find clarity in their businesses.

happytanning, 10/24/2018

Don’t miss an episode!

This girl is on fire! She is a natural budgetologist and brings value with every episode! I just took her Getting Speaking Gigs webinar and received so much value!! Grown your business and grow your life ❤️

DrPierre, 07/30/2018

Loving the podcasts

The best thing about the podcasts is the actionable tips she provides with each episode. You can’t just listen to just one episode without being hooked.