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385 | Behind the Scenes: On the Road Podcast and Video Edition

Okay… this show is very different. I am on the road and had some issues with technology. I went live on Facebook but also recorded a show on my phone just so that I could have a show. It is very interesting how the morning show is very different from the evening show. You have to listen to hear what happened!

382 | Mind Your Words Because They Matter

Did you know that the words you use can predict your future? Okay… it may not be that serious but there is a reason why books and programs are popular because there is truth to how you can speak good things, and bad things into existence. So… what words are you using right now that can get in the way of you ending 2018 on top?

381 | If You Don't Know How to Get on Stage… You Will Not be Able to Hire Someone

Today is a somber day, that we should never forget… I will share my thoughts as someone who served as a civilian for the US Navy for 11+ years and also give a reminder that each day is precious… and you should have a reason why you wake up each morning. But, business must continue and we are going to talk about sharing your message on stage and if you don't know how to get there… no one else will get you there for you.

380 | Expense Review from Last Quarter

It's Money Coaching Monday and we are going to step through reviewing your numbers from last quarter. In order to have a solid plan for the next month, and for ending 2018, you kinda need to know what you have been doing… to keep improving. You cannot improve what you do not track… let's talk numbers!

379 | The Vacation Account and Why You Need One

Do you have money to take a vacation? Today, we are going to dive into personal finances and talk about a guaranteed way you can always have money to a break from the everyday hustle. If you want more travel in your schedule… you will have to start planning NOW! Oh… I have to tell you about last night!

376 | How Much do You want to Make by the end of 2018?

Truth time! How much do you to make, (or need to make), by the end of 2018? To be honest… this is the easy question. The hard question is whether or not you are willing to put your head down and make the money you want. Today, let's talk about planning revenue goals and how you are going to get there.

374 | Are You Prepared to do the Work to Get on Stage?

If you are a speaker and you want to get on stage… it isn't that hard… kinda. One day, I woke up and said I wanted to speak and what I did not realize is that it would take more effort than what I ever expected, but the journey has been amazing. So the question for you… Are you prepared to do the work to get on stage?

373 | It’s CFO Day and Here is What to Do

Happy working your butt off day! Even though it's a holiday, I want to give a few tips on how to navigate a perfect CFO day! BTW… this month is all about getting ready for the next 90 days and if you want to feed your budget through getting on stage, I got you covered! Tomorrow, I am launching the pre-sale of my flagship program, How to Land Your Next 5 Speaking Gigs

372 | Stop Analyzing How to Pay Off Debt!

Okay… I secretly chuckle when people ask me how to pay off debt and when I tell them, they tell me of another method and proceed to debate how my recommendation is wrong. IT'S DEBT! You don't debate how to get rid of it… you just get rid of it! Let's chat about the different ways to get rid of debt and finding a method that works for you!

371 | Behind the Scenes and Prepping for the 4th Quarter

Today is Behind the Scenes Saturday and it is really hitting me that this may be the fist time I will be putting some concrete goals on the table… Also, let's chat about monetizing, prepping for the 4th quarter and what to expect in September.

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