TEDx. 9 Minutes. Change the World… Got It!

The Journey to TEDx Part I

This series is for those who have asked how I got to be on a TEDx stage and for those that want this for themselves. It was an amazing experience but it had some moments that made me question my purpose and my message. Hope you enjoy. ~Phylecia
This article was originally published on September 22nd, 2018 for TEDxCherryCreekWomen.com

As a speaker, I am used to engaging the audience, taking them on a journey with storytelling and empowering them to make major changes in their life. I have excelled in doing all of this over the last few years… within 20-45 minutes. Now, I am told that to do this, times 10, and make the call to action so powerful people run out of their seats and get to work, but I only have 9 minutes to do it… the pressure is instantly felt! To say the least, my comfort zone has been rattled and the nerves are kicking in. Being selected as a TEDx speaker is an honor in itself and having the ability to take an idea, put it into words and possibly change someone’s future sounds great on an application. When that invitation comes, though, and it says “your time is now,” the excitement and fear are like two puppies playing an endless game of tug-of-war with no real winner and the only thing left is to fall asleep.

So, here I am. My time is now. After years working in a STEM career as a Computer Scientist for the US Navy, supporting business owners with knowing their numbers, and having 100’s of women come to me with stories of how someone told them they were never going to be great at Math, this silly idea that’s stuck in my head will finally get a voice. My little, far-fetched dream is to change the world, for women, one budget at a time, but the fear, challenges, and decades of misinformation on women and Math is getting in the way. Being able to explore the idea, in 9 minutes only, of creating a new stereotype that girls are great at Math is going to be so much fun!

Phylecia Jones

Phylecia Jones

Founder | CEO | Speaker | Writer | Lightweight Adventurer

My mission in life is to see the world and sprinkle some magic on it to help inspire and change it! My fun day job is spent helping solo entrepreneurs get smart with their money so they can achieve their dreams. When I am not writing, speaking, or leading workshops, I love to travel and see different parts of the world!

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